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Green Lock is a complex blend of mineral silicates designed to neutralise and reduce oils and other hydrocarbons upon contact for safe disposal. Green Lock breaks down the long-chain molecules of the hydrocarbon into much shorter molecules. This chemically converts pollutants to less harmful substances with minimal effort.

When applied to contaminated soil, a nominal reaction time renders the contaminant irreversibly altered and the contaminant now no longer possesses its chemical fingerprint. The conversion and encapsulation process results in harmless reaction products such as organo-silicates. 

Green Lock can be applied in industries including soil remediation, oil/hydrocarbon spills, acid spills, heavy metal encapsulation, cleaning of storage tanks & equipment, cleaning of marine vessels at sea, cleaning of intertidal zones, cleaning of railway lines, concrete and tar surfaces, and workshops and wash bays.

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Green Star™ - Performance v1.2

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