Window Cleaning Products from Raven

Date: 18.08.2015

Advanced Window Cleaning


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Glidex is a range of advanced window cleaning products combining six years of research and leading edge manufacturing technologies.

Developed for the intense professional market, the Glidex range includes window squeegees of various sizes and window washers as well as replacement parts and accessories like utility end tips and reach poles.

This high quality, professional product is ideal for anyone wanting an easy cleaning experience with professional results.

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Every Day Reliable Window Cleaning

Founder of Raven Products Pty Ltd, Peter Raven, invented and patented the world's first combination window cleaner / squeegee in the early 1950's. The Raven range of window cleaners and squeegees have remained a popular product across Australia ever since.

Constructed with ultralight aluminium, premium quality sponge and brush and incorporating a clever reversible rubber blade, the Raven range of window cleaners and squeegees are designed for reliable everyday window cleaning use.



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