Stair Treads, Stair Edging & Carpet Trim

Date: 18.08.2015

DTAC - Architectural Stair Treads and Edging Solutions


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DTAC, part of the Raven Group pioneered architectural tactile ground surface indicators in Australia and continue to deliver the most aesthetic NCC-BCA compliant solutions available. DTAC also offer a range of stair edging and treads working closely with architects, designers and specifiers to exceed form and function on every project.


DTAC have an extensive range of NCC BCA compliant stair treads and edging product which can be found at

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Raven also produce a range of DIY edging, treads and trims available through hardware retailers across Australia. Made from high quality anodised aluminium, Raven's range of DIY floor edging, stair treads and trim are the ideal solution for a modern and flawless finish to flooring joins, thresholds and stair edges.

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