Date: 18.08.2015

LATICRETE® SPARTACOTE® offers a highly decorative, durable and sustainable concrete coating solution for a range of applications, with expert consultation from design through to completion.



These Protective Concrete Coatings show superior levels of durability, flexibility, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. SPARTACOTE coatings can be applied regardless of extreme climate and dramatically reduce application times and costs. They outperform traditional epoxy and urethane coating technology and are easy to install. 

Provide Cost Savings

Walk on in 2 hours, return to full service in just 1-Day. Incur lower application costs and maximize efficiencies with faster cure time and reduced downtime. The impermeable and anti-microbial surface makes floors easier to maintain.

Green Friendly

SPARTACOTE offers LEED eligible, low VOC concrete coating products for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Superior strength and durability means that coatings will need to be replaced less often while dramatically enhancing the life-span of any structure. 


Enhance Your Image

UV-stable pigmented coatings and dyes provide for a rich and long lasting finish that will not fade, amber or peel.     

Superior Adhesion to Concrete & Steel

The patented technology of SPARTACOTE® is designed to effectively absorb into the concrete or steel substrate in order to bond both mechanically and chemically within the pores of the material. A fundamental component differentiating SPARTACOTE® from other products, this technology allows for maximum adhesion surface area and is the cornerstone of superior performance.



SPARTACOTE coatings and sealers are used in higher traffic areas where traction is key. This is achieved in conjunction with a quartz or silica additive within the coating process. Traction coefficients can be adjusted to meet the anti-slip requirements of any project. 

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