Fire & Smoke Sealing Systems

Date: 18.08.2015

Fire & Smoke Sealing Systems


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Raven is one of the most trusted brands in the building hardware industry providing innovative, tested and certified door and window sealing systems. Raven's door and window sealing systems have become synonymous with quality, value and reliability backed by service excellence which is why it is the brand that architects, specifiers and builders can rely on.

Raven's world class testing facility means that we are constantly developing new ways to respond to the rapid advances in the building industry. Every design and invention is rigorously tested and approved to comply with international building regulations and codes.

Building regulations mandate fire doors are required for the safety of building occupants. They also stipulate what level of fire resistance needs to be provided. Raven produce a number of smoke seals including 'intumescent' seals (seals that are designed to expand when subjected to heat to fill gaps) that can be used in conjunction with a fire door to meet these various levels.

In conjunction with leading international fire door manufacturers, Raven have successfully fire tested Raven smoke frame seals and mechanical door bottom seals for up to 4 hours whilst maintaining the fire doors labelled integrity rating.

Always specify Raven products by name avoiding substitution of inferior products as you can be sure our systems are:

-       Quality certified to ISO 9001
-       Ecospecifier Global certified
-       Tested and NCC BCA compliant

Raven have a range of online specification tools designed to make the production selection and specification process easier than ever.

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