Don’t risk settling for just ‘deemed to satisfy’

Date: 18.08.2015

Don't risk settling for just 'deemed to satisfy'


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Raven is one of the most trusted brands in the building hardware industry providing tested and certified door and window sealing systems.

Don't put your project at risk with products that have only being "deemed to satisfy". This means they may have not undergone the same rigorous testing at certification that all Raven products have.

Raven's world class testing facility means that we are constantly developing new ways to respond to the rapid advances in the building industry. Every design and invention is rigorously tested and approved to comply with international building regulations and codes.

Always specify Raven products by name avoiding substitution of inferior products as you can be sure our systems are:

-       Quality certified to ISO 9001
-       Ecospecifier Global certified
-       Tested and NCC BCA compliant

You can rest easy on every project knowing that Raven will provide you with the most tested and compliant systems available.

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