A classic never goes out of style

Date: 18.08.2015

A Classic never goes out of style

Presenting Vee-Joint Western Red Cedar panelling and cladding from Cedar Sales. A timeless classic, this ever-popular profile design is suitable for both exterior and out-of-weather use.

Vee-Joint has long been a mainstay in traditional colonial homes, but has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years, becoming a popular choice in many modern and architecturally designed commercial buildings and homes.



Vee-Joint features and benefits:

• Clear grade Western Red Cedar

• Traditional tongue for secret fixing

• Straight lines and alignment for absolute uniformity

• Double sided boards available for use on exposed walls, doors and gates

• Highly sustainable

Vee-Joint ideal uses:

• Alfresco lining

• External cladding

• High-rise external features

• Ceilings

• Feature walls

• Restoration work

• Balconies

• Doors and gates

Cedar Sales Vee-Joint not only offers classic style, but also outstanding quality and timeless natural beauty. Western Red Cedar is versatile, easy to work with, naturally termite resistant, highly stable and incredibly durable. It's a great base for a wide variety of finishes and stains, but offers incredible natural beauty as well, boasting a uniform, fine-grained texture and a unique range of warm tones, from mellow ambers to rich cinnamons and sienna browns. The benefits don't stop there either; Western Red Cedar is also incredibly eco-friendly.

The ultimate sustainable building product

Western Red Cedar has long been acknowledged as the ultimate sustainable building product. Cedar Sales' commitment to providing the building industry with eco-friendly products has driven a pursuit of the highest possible environmental standards. This commitment has resulted in the attainment of GreenTagCertTM GreenRate Level A Certification and GreenTagCertTM Certified Platinum Ratings for all Cedar Sales' Western Red Cedar products.

What is GreenTag?

Global GreenTagCertTM is a third party, green building (and other product) rating and assessment process. To attain a GreenTagCertTM Certified Platinum Rating, a product must be toxic chemical free and eco-friendly at all stages of production, use and end of life. Any product that has achieved this rating is considered to be world leading in terms of environmentally conscious practice.


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