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A multi-layer polymeric membrane for roof waterproofing that is recyclable.

Sarnafil G410L Felt is a multi-layer roof waterproofing membrane based on Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

The product has a coating applied to the top of the membrane which is designed to reduce staining from air pollutants. The roof membrane claims to be waterproof, recyclable and resistant to weathering and mechanical impact, and have high solar reflectivity, weld ability and flexibility in cold temperature.

The product claims to meet several internationally recognised standards, including Flexible Sheets for Waterproofing (EN 13956), Polyvinyl Chloride Plastic Sheets for Waterproofing (GB 12952), Roofing sheets for synthetic polymer (JIS A6008) and International Quality Management/ Environmental Management Standard (ISO9001/14001). The roof membrane is available in 9 different colours. It is especially recommended for use in green roofs, earth integrated buildings and rooftop gardens.

Editors note: In this context it is often used with a leak detection system to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind for the building owners.

Information last verified: 10th Feb 2017

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