Product Detail

Since 1982, Danpal has been a market leader by committing itself to continued innovation. The advantages of Danpal's patented connection system - along with the remarkable insulation qualities of the translucent panels themselves - rapidly attracted worldwide attention as a network of global distributors established themselves in the mid-1980s. Since then Danpal has consolidated its preeminent market position by constantly developing new manufacturing technologies which have since become standard practices.

In recent times, a focus towards solutions for an environmentally sensitive future has emerged. Operable systems that can adjust to suit climatic conditions have been invented, along specially developed highly insulating composite systems. Recycling programs have also been implemented.

Danpal continues to look forward, exploring the possibility that our product can act co-operatively with photovoltaic power generation systems. A dedicated research and development department continue to explore numerous possibilities for the future so that the expectations of a constantly evolving market can continue to be exceeded.