Solamander Hydronic Energy Hub

Solamander  Hydronic Energy Hub

Date: 12.03.2015

A sustainable, all-in-one system that’s simple in concept, yet sophisticated in performance!

The Solamander® Hydronic Energy Hub can prioritise renewable energy sources over non-renewable sources to help reduce the energy costs associated with domestic hot water and other heating energy usages in the home.

The key element of the system is the ‘hub’ or ‘loop’ where the water flows around in one direction and is diverted in priority sequence to the energy sources (both renewable and non-renewable), storage facilities (tank and floor) and energy uses. Energy uses include domestic hot water (DHW), pool/spa heating, hydronic radiator heating and hydronic floor heating.

Radiator and floor heating is achieved through direct action, with energy coming directly from a heat pump or gas boiler rather than by indirect energy heat exchange transfer. This minimises energy losses and, in the case where solar gain is available while heating is demanded, the system uses this energy to preheat the boiler or heat pump and so reduces the non-renewable energy source requirement.

A designated buffer floor area offers heat storage in a similar way to the buffer water tank. Once the DHW tank is full to its thermal capacity, excess renewable energy is delivered to the buffer floor heating area and stored there for ongoing heating needs, provided the system is in winter mode and buffer floor heating has been enabled.

The system uses special flow-regulating valves that can deliver water at a high, predefined temperature from the solar panels or wet back. As the solar panels heat up, the water flow is increased through the panels, maintaining a constant temperature of 75°C into the system.

The hub controller can be configured to handle a multitude of combinations in order to suit user requirements.


*Patent Approved

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