Date: 01.03.2011

SOLACOAT is the most efficient and cost effective form of heat reflective insulation paint. It is a waterborne acrylic emulsion which has a special membrane additive which aids in the rejection of infra red rays.

SOLACOAT will, on a typical summers day at noon time, provide upto 80%+ rejection of the Solar Radiation from the Sun onto and into the roof of a building. Tests have shown, that the surface of uncoated Galvanised Iron roof can be reduced by upto 40 Degrees C, resulting in a drop of upto 10-15 degrees C within a building that is Insulated and higher if Uninsulated, creating a more comfortable working and or living environment.

SOLACOAT reduces the heat from entering a building. For a house roof of 150 sq metres, Solacoat reduces the heat absorption of a Colorbond Green roof from, 100 kilowatts to approximately 30 kilowatts, which will provide a reduction in energy cooling costs and reduce greenhouse Gases going into the earth's atmosphere.

SOLACOAT has a good architectural appearance as well as durability, while providing an excellent reflective coating.

SOLACOAT can be applied to most surfaces; however it will not adhere to oil based products. New surfaces will require the proper preparation. SOLACOAT can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray and will require two coats to give adequate surface coverage. We recommend the application of a base coat / primer on most surfaces. See our website for a list of SOLACOAT applications.

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