Raven - The Brand of Choice for the Logan Hospital

Raven - The Brand of Choice for the Logan Hospital

Date: 23.01.2015


The safety and compliance of buildings relies on hardware and materials that are designed to meet or exceed building code regulations and Australian Standards.

Raven Products produces the most comprehensive range of innovative and certified door and window sealing systems and was the preferred supplier for the Logan Hospital Upgrade.

Certified to international quality standards ISO9001 and providing an extensive range of approved NCC compliant sealing systems with supporting NATA accredited test certificates. Raven's certification was imperative to ensure the compliance of this hospital project.

Raven's in-house NATA accredited testing facility and design team ensures they can rapidly respond to the changes and developments within the building industry.
Smoke and fire protection is of critical importance with Raven seals playing a major part in the compliance and level of protection offered by components such as fire doors. For the Logan Hospital project, Raven seals were required to perform across multiple levels from the exclusion of fire and smoke through to acoustic performance and the containment of weather and energy.

Beyond the required testing and certification of Raven's products, the Logan Hospital Project required seals that were easy to install, made to withstand heavy duty use with minimal maintenance requirements but that also met the aesthetic requirements of the architect.

Luke Read, National Account Manager commented, "Most projects, but particularly those in the health industry like the Logan Hospital, require every component to meet strict
regulations and standards. They also require the testing and certification to back this up. Raven's extensive range of tested and certified systems is why we see our products chosen time and time again."

"One of the biggest challenges of this project was working against strict and often tight deadlines. Our streamlined distribution systems and legendary near perfect picking rate
meant our products were onsite and on time as needed. The design of our products also meant that installation was highly efficient with many products easily adjustable to ensure the perfect fit and optimum seal every time."

With over 65 years of experience and remaining at the forefront of the industry, Raven continues to hold to their reputation of high quality, long life and low maintenance
products, a particular concern in cases such as hospitals where long-term maintenance is an important factor.

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