Furniture Concepts - News Release

Date: 07.03.2011

We are back in action again after the floods!

With a sigh of relief we have managed to get most of our machines up and running again with the remaining to be operating within the week.

We have been producing our normal quality commercial furniture and Veneers for the last 2 weeks.  Screens and seating were little affected as production was situated on the 1st floor.

We now feel that we can confidently re open our doors and offer the high standard to our clients that they have been used to.

A big THANK YOU once more to everyone that helped, as this achievement is due entirely to the fantastic effort, generosity and spirit of all everyone that helped in our recovery.

A feeling that will be mirrored by all companies, which have been similarly affected.

We would appreciate the opportunity of helping you now or in the future with your furniture needs.

Please contact Kelvin, Bob , Mick or John on 32774139
We look forward to talking to you.
Franz Braun

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