Billi Pty Ltd

Billi Pty Ltd

Date: 24.03.2011

Innovative in both technology and design, Billi Pty Ltd lead the market in filtered drinking water systems.

Billi Pty Ltd recently released Australia's smallest boiling and chilled filtered drinking water unit, in unit footprint and energy consumption - The Billi Eco.

The Billi Eco incorporates an exclusive no-need for cupboard ventilation air-cooled system as well as Eco Intelligence™ technology - a unique power saving setting which learns the routine of the user to only come on when you need it.

Integrated with this ecologically responsible technology, is the elegant, distinguished design that will complement the style of any office, boardroom, kitchenette or home. Alternative finishes of Black, brushed and bright chrome are available to perfectly harmonize with your preferred style.

Visit our website on or contact us on 03 9469 0400 for further information.

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