Alpolic ®/fr Composite Panel

Alpolic ®/fr Composite Panel

Date: 14.04.2011

The science of natural beauty is ageless

The chemistry of natural metals fused with architecture takes your design capabilities to another level with the all new ALPOLIC® (ZCM) Natural Zinc composite panel.

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Japan and distributed in Australia by SGI Architectural, ALPOLIC® (ZCM) combines the functionality of a composite panel with the elegance of natural Zinc.

The finish of the ALPOLIC® natural zinc is a pre-weathered grey of QUARTZ-ZINC and the panel will naturally develop patina enhancing its character and beauty.  This makes ALPOLIC® (ZCM) ideal for either traditional or contemporary designs with the adaptability offered by natural zinc to blend with most façades.

ALPOLIC® (ZCM) composite panels are now available ex stock in Australia.

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