ACCOR Commits to 85% use of Eco-labelled Products Worldwide

ACCOR Commits to 85% use of Eco-labelled Products Worldwide

Date: 18.08.2015

World's most progressive sustainability program to involve all Accor hotels, employees and guests Building on almost two decades of best-in-class performance in sustainable development, (including EarthCheck Certification) Accor is taking its commitment to sustainability to a higher level with the launch of PLANET 21, a comprehensive sustainable development program involving environmental, social and community support programs.

PLANET 21 covers all of the Group's environmental, social and community investment actions and aims to place sustainability at the core of its business strategy worldwide. With PLANET 21, Accor is making 21 commitments and the same number of quantified goals for the year 2015, including: a 15% reduction in water consumption, a 10% decrease in energy use and 85% use of eco-labelled products at Accor's owned and leased hotels worldwide.

The name PLANET 21 is a direct reference to Agenda 21, the environmental action plan signed by 173 heads of state at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, and reminds us of the urgent concerns that face our planet in the 21st century and the need to change our methods of production and consumption patterns to ensure the sustainability of the planet.

Global GreenTag is the EarthCheck Certification system's preferred certified for its 'Green Product Pipeline' that includes Accor and many other hotels and hospitality venues.


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